February 28 & March 1, 2017 | Vancouver, BC

An exciting, visionary and inspirational wood event is coming to Vancouver!

Dedicated to design and construction with wood products and systems, including mass timber, the Wood Design & Construction Solutions Conference is a comprehensive learning opportunity, hosted by Wood WORKS! BC, replacing the Wood Solutions Fair and the International Wood Symposium. This dynamic learning event will showcase the newest innovations and trends in architectural and structural wood use, with distinguished speakers from Canada, Austria, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia and the UK, and wood product experts at the interactive exhibit hall. Network at a welcome breakfast, lunches, and a post-event reception. Earn professional development credits.

More than 1,200 delegates are expected to come and hear about the latest in wood design, construction, finishing and building science over the two days, with topics including mass timber and hybrid system design, transformative building technologies, innovation, off-site prefabrication, sustainability and fire and acoustic performance. A seminar stream of special interest to contractors and builders is also included. This is a must attend conference for wood design and construction education.

A downloadable version of the program can be found here.

Earn up to 11 professional development education credits.

Learn about mass timber products and building systems along with new wood technologies, innovations and solutions.

    • Gather information and inspiration from themed seminar streams, presented by leading experts from Canada and around the globe about the latest in wood design and construction innovations and practices.
    • Explore new frontiers in wood design and construction to achieve greater proficiency and knowledge in wood use, both structurally and architecturally.
    • Come and ask questions, discuss ideas and learn the latest in design and construction using wood products and systems to enhance your future projects.

Why should you attend this extraordinary learning event?

    • Distinguished innovators and thought-leaders as speakers from around the globe
    • Current and compelling topics on innovations and trends in wood design and construction
    • New themed and curated seminar streams
    • Interactive exhibit hall to consult with wood product experts
    • Exceptional opportunities to connect and collaborate with industry experts, international speakers and colleagues
    • Up to 11 professional development credits available

Why Should You Attend?

The Wood Design & Construction Solutions Conference is tailored for architects, engineers, designers, builders, contractors, building officials, technologists, planners, research professionals, manufacturers and developers. New this year, Wood WORKS! BC is partnering with BC Wood Specialties Group and FPInnovations to deliver an expanded program of learning.

Join us to listen and learn; connect and collaborate. This is a wood conference like no other – don’t miss it. Mark your calendar – February 28 and March 1, 2017 in Vancouver!

Program Tracks

The Wood Design and Construction Solutions Conference will showcase the newest innovations and trends in architectural and structural wood design, construction, finishing and building science.

Mass timber and hybrid system design, transformative building technologies, innovation, off-site prefabrication, sustainability, fire and acoustic performance will be among the topics discussed in the following seminar themes:

Day 1 & 2 – Architectural/Design:
If you are an architect, structural engineer or if you have an interest in wood building and design, this track of speakers will be of special interest to you. With wood taking an increasingly important role in our built environment with its reduced carbon footprint, these sessions will provide information and inspiration on expanding wood use in your project portfolio. The featured speakers will showcase signature wood projects, and the innovative trends and techniques that helped achieve a result of remarkable and distinctive structures.

Day 1 & 2 – Structural/Engineering/Seismic/Fire:
These technical sessions are tailored for structural engineers, technicians and others with an interest in the details of engineering and design with wood. Internationally recognized speakers will take you through topical and technical aspects of wood, including design for seismic and fire requirements. Examples of structures and approaches taken to overcome challenges will engage participants and inspire possibilities in future wood design.

Day 1 & 2 – Contractors/Developers/Owners/Builders:
With an expanded use of wood products and systems in new building types and sizes, the building and design industry has expressed a pressing need to re-examine construction practices, approaches and systems. These sessions will provide an overview of wood construction in BC and around the world, and detail how wood products and systems can enhance the building experience, produce better buildings, with an outcome of cost-competitive, adaptive and resilient structures in our built environment. All key professionals from project teams are invited to learn from leading industry experts about how wood is changing the building and design process, from specification, to construction and project management.

Day 1 only – Codes, Standards and Building Performance:
Building professionals including technologists, technicians and building officials can expand their technical expertise and knowledge in wood products and systems relating to codes, standards and building performance through this stream of distinguished speakers. The latest information and best practices in mid-rise residential, commercial and industrial buildings will be addressed. Specifically, these sessions include a focus on changes to CSA 086-14 relating to the design provisions for cross-laminated timber (CLT) adopted in this standard, BC Building Code essentials, acoustic insulation in light wood-frame and mass timber multi-storey buildings, and an overview of recent design tools. Example projects and case studies are presented to demonstrate the concepts and applications.

Day 1 only – International Innovation:
The innovation seminar stream will be of significant interest to BC’s builders and designers who seek to continue pushing conventional boundaries and explore possibilities for wood products and systems. World wood product leaders will provide information and inspiration by sharing their project experiences in New Zealand, Switzerland and Australia, and showcasing unique replicable approaches in the use of wood both structurally and architecturally. Participants will learn what’s being developed today for tomorrow’s built environment: leading-edge trends and techniques, and innovative opportunities to use wood in either a variety of structure styles or types where wood has not typically been used in contemporary building and design.

Day 2 only – Non-structural/Architectural finishes:
Inspiration. Imagination. Innovation. These sessions will take you on a journey of discovery with wood in the design and use of wood products – from millwork to furniture – which bring warmth and appeal to our living and working environments. Approaches and aspects of design, construction and application of these products will be explored. These learning opportunities, sponsored by BC Wood, have broad appeal for design and construction professionals as well as anyone with a passion for wood in their surroundings.

Day 2 only – Building Systems Research & Innovation:
From moisture management to seismic performance and modular possibilities for mid-rise construction, these sessions, sponsored by FPInnovations, will engage you with the latest research on wood systems. Advancements in wood product development and modernization of building and fire codes are dispelling misconceptions about the capacity and performance of wood. These sessions will arm designers and builders with valuable technical solutions on current topics and outline opportunities for innovative design approaches for tomorrow’s wood buildings.


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